Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pasir Salak

Hai everyone out there!!! Watz up! Hope u guys are fine. I'm great here. Okay, I want to tell you guyz something... Itz about my Sejarah folio. My title is about Dato' Maharaja Lela. He's the one who killed J.W.W. Birch. He is one of the warrior of Perak. Actually we need 4 "sumber rujukan" about him. My friends and I can only find 3 source of him. We were really tensed up. Then one my friends' told me that maybe we can go to Pasir Salak and visit the Pasir Salak Historical Complex. We were so glad to know that her father can bring us there. So Jasmin, her parents, Naomi and I decided to go there. On the way, Jasmin's car temperature rised up. We stop the car on the way. Luckily, there was a Malay man and his wife helped us. There was a cute baby with them. Jasmin was very nervous in that situation. Naomi and I convienced her that nothing bad is going to happen. She was fine after that. Then, we managed to go to Pasir Salak. We reached there at 4.45 and the place will be closed at 5. We managed to snap a few photos of that complex. And I was really relieved to come back home safely. And I am really thankful to the people who helped us at Pasir Salak. It was an adventurous and exiting travel for all of us. I hope u guyz can go to that complex because it was really beautiful and the buildings were really unique.

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