Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Worst Day In My Life

Yesterday was the worst day in my life.My class teacher,also English teacher,Pn.Sharifah told us she is transferred to a new school in Taiping.My whole class(2 Daisy)was inundated by tears.All of us were very sad to separate with a wonderful teacher like her.She was the best teacher we never had before.She taught us what is a blog,how to create a blog,what is a digital story and how to create it.She was the only teacher who always brought my class to the library and computer lab.She is the one, who also made us to feel that studying is fun.She taught us how to write essay and literature in a different way.She was totally different and the greatest teacher we never had before.In fact, I wanted to be a teacher like her in my life.I think, now she is on the way to Taiping.Taiping is also her hometown.But there was another sad news yesterday,that is about my new class teacher.Pn.Sharifah told us that Pn.Kala is the new class teacher.Pn.Kala is a new teacher in our school.She teach us P.Moral and P.Jasmani.If she is my new class teacher,she is also the one who is going to teach us English.Yesterday,Pn.Kala entered my class for PJ.She told us,there is no more library and computer lab during English lesson.She also told us that we will be unhappy to study with her.Then Pn.Sharifah entered the class and gave some speech.Shankarii read a poem to her and made us to drop tears.Before we came home, Pn.Sharifah hugged all of us and gave us some advice.Then,she went to the staff room to pack her things.We came back home.I hope Pn.Sharifah will enjoy herself in her new school and will visit us once or twice a year.I won't forget Pn.Sharifah and I will be missing her soooooo much.

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